In order for a lobbyist to be effective, he has to be trusted and respected. Jim Short has gained the respect and confidence of law makers throughtout Texas as a man who can be trusted to know the facts on both sides of an issue and to tell the truth about them. He doesn’t trade long-term credibility for short term gains, and he always remembers those who supported the interests of his clients.

Jim Short has spend his entire career at the point of interaction between government and business. He served as a staff member in Gov. Preston Smith’s office, as a lobbyist for the City of Houston under Mayor Louie Welch, and as an independent lobbyist representing clients well known for their political activities and their impact on policy-making.

His successful track record is testament to his credibility.

Knowledge of the Political Legislative Arenas

Jim Short has a keen sense of the dynamics of the political and legislative/regulatory systems. He understands the technical procedures of government – legislative rules and processes, and the organizational nuances of how different bodies and agencies relate to each other.

He is also keenly aware of the ever-chaning relationships of people, both individually and in their official roles – relationships which often can determine the outcome of an issue, even more than the facts themselves.

Participation in the Elective Process

In order to remain credible, a lobbyist must participate in the elective process. Jim Short has had extensive experience in organizing, managing and fundraising for Political Action Committees throughout Texas. The fact that this participation is well known enhances his credibility and effectiveness among law makers on all levels of government.